Complimentary Fitness Assessment & Consultation

Come in to our West Hollywood location and get a professional fitness assessment to help you set your fitness goals and design your personalized fitness plan. We know that starting a fitness program can be very confusing. The world of TV & social media can send you misleading information leaving you not knowing where to start. The truth is, most of that is irrelevant because the important thing is to know what is exactly right for your fitness level and your body.

Fit Arts uses Body Type characteristics, physical assessment, age, current fitness level, and other health details to help determine what program and training is right for you. In this session you will discuss your goals and a pathway to achieving your desired results.

Our approach is the best in Los Angeles and we have the evidence to prove it. We don’t use social media influencers or gimmicks to trick you into thinking that our program is the best. All of our posts and photos are real clients who have trained and transformed with Fit Arts. We challenge you to find another program that can prove better results. Set up your fitness assessment today to find out what is the right training for YOUR body.